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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to cultivate an inclusive, creative, and entrepreneurial community that seeks to empower students to develop open-source solutions to real-world problems.


We are a group of passionate open source developers at RPI.

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We work on a bunch of awesome open source projects.

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When and where do we meet? What do we do there?


RCOS is a group of RPI students who work on a variety of open source projects, which can be seen on the projects page. To see our meeting times and presentation schedule, look here. For more thorough information about RCOS, consult the RCOS Handbook.

Benefits of being an RCOS member

  • The opportunity to help society by creating useful open source software.
  • An excellent environment to share your skills with your peers and learn from them as well.
  • Great practice in the code review process, a very important skill for your software career!
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback. Learning how to discuss technical and non-technical aspects of a project in a constructive fashion is a critical skill that employers look for!


Students can participate in RCOS for course credit or for a stipend. At the beginning of each semester, the Internal Advisory Board will review project proposals and decide which projects should receive financial support.


For information and inquiry, please contact us via e-mail at rcos-leadership@googlegroups.com.


RCOS uses funds to financially support open source software development. Follow this link if you can help us out by donating!


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