Constant telescope::api::rcos::meetings::creation::context::creation_context::QUERY[][src]

pub const QUERY: &str = "query CreationContext($host: [uuid!]!, $today: date!, $include_semesters: [String!]!) {\n    # Semesters in which a meeting can be created. This will be\n    # all current and future semesters in ascending order.\n    available_semesters: semesters(\n        where: {_or: [\n            {end_date: {_gte: $today}},\n            {semester_id: {_in: $include_semesters}}\n        ]},\n        order_by: {start_date: asc}\n    ) {\n        semester_id\n        title\n        start_date\n        end_date\n    }\n\n    # We get around the possibity of no host by letting the rust side make the filter.\n    # Setting _is_null to true when there\'s no host, or specifying otherwise.\n    host: users(where: {id: {_in: $host}}, limit: 1) {\n        id\n        first_name\n        last_name\n    }\n}\n";