Constant telescope::api::rcos::meetings::edit::edit_meeting::QUERY[][src]

pub const QUERY: &str = "# Update a meeting record.\nmutation EditMeeting(\n    $meeting_id: Int!,\n    $title: String,\n    $start: timestamptz!,\n    $end: timestamptz!,\n    $semester_id: String!,\n    $kind: meeting_type!,\n    $description: String!,\n    $is_remote: Boolean!,\n    $is_draft: Boolean!,\n    $meeting_url: String,\n    $location: String,\n    $recording_url: String,\n    $external_slides_url: String,\n    $host: uuid,\n) {\n    # We have to be explicit as to which columns we set, otherwise we risk\n    # overwriting an existing value with a null unintentionally.\n    update_meetings_by_pk(pk_columns: {meeting_id: $meeting_id}, _set: {\n        title: $title,\n        start_date_time: $start,\n        end_date_time: $end,\n        semester_id: $semester_id,\n        type: $kind,\n        description: $description,\n        is_remote: $is_remote,\n        is_draft: $is_draft,\n        meeting_url: $meeting_url,\n        location: $location,\n        recording_url: $recording_url,\n        external_presentation_url: $external_slides_url,\n        host_user_id: $host,\n    }) {\n        meeting_id\n    }\n}\n";