Constant telescope::api::rcos::users::delete::delete_user::__QUERY_WORKAROUND[][src]

const __QUERY_WORKAROUND: &str = "# Deletes a user account and all data associated with it.\n\nmutation DeleteUser($user_id: uuid!) {\n    # Delete user hosting history -- This just removes the user as the host of\n    # any meetings they hosted.\n    update_meetings(where: {host_user_id: {_eq: $user_id}}, _set: {host_user_id: null}) {\n        affected_rows\n    }\n\n    # Delete user mentoring records\n    delete_small_group_mentors(where: {user_id: {_eq: $user_id}}) {\n        affected_rows\n    }\n\n    # Delete links to GitHub/Discord/RPI CAS\n    delete_user_accounts(where: {user_id: {_eq: $user_id}}) {\n        affected_rows\n    }\n\n    # Delete user enrollment history\n    delete_enrollments(where: {user_id: {_eq: $user_id}}) {\n        affected_rows\n    }\n\n    # Delete user account itself\n    delete_users_by_pk(id: $user_id) {\n        id\n    }\n}\n";